Vocational Recovery Referral Project

Vocational Recovery Referral Project

As an advisory committee member of the Vocational Recovery Referral Project, the following are our current work projects. If you have any questions, you can contact me by tapping here.

Referral Process: Design an impartial, consistent vocational referral model, promoting appropriate and effective outcomes, recognizing and encouraging quality work.

Firm and VRC Registration and Requirements: Improve the registration process to maintain a pool of experienced VRCs who engage injured workers in return to work efforts and consistently provide quality vocational services.

Complaint Process: Escalation/De-Escalations: Develop better ways to identify inconsistencies with quality vocational work and escalation strategies to educate and mentor Vocational Recovery Counselors.

Vocational Recovery Pilot: Focus on helping workers return to work creating a vocational recovery plan. Vocational Recovery Counselors and Claims Managers in the pilot are testing evidence based best practices with the goal of preventing work place disability.

Best Practices: Scouring the world for evidence-based best practices to decrease work disability and increase return to work outcomes. Reading, analysis and team discussion have us moving quickly toward a new way of doing vocational services.

Education and Training: Developing educational content that will foster the worker-centric model of worker engagement with Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors as well as with the Labor and Industries Claims Managers and Vocational Services Specialists. In addition to live training, we are creating online learning resources.