Vocational Counseling

Vocational Counseling

Vocational Services

Vocational serviced are provided by Precisionary, Inc. for state-fund workers’ compensation claims following RCW and WAC requirements and best practices set by the Department of Labor and Industries.

The purpose of vocational services is to help industrially injured or ill workers to become capable of performing and obtaining skills and training that are commonly and currently necessary in the labor market to obtain gainful employment on a reasonably continuous basis. Preferably, with their employer of injury.

As a Vocational Counselor, we work collaboratively with the industrially injured/ill worker, employer of injury, attending physician and Department of Labor and Industries to make an objective vocational recommendation. Some of these services include:

  • Gathering industrially injured/ill workers work and education history information;
  • Obtaining medical and physical capacities from attending providers;
  • Assessing injured worker’s employability;
  • Analyzing and documenting transferable skills;
  • Conducting and writing job analyses;
  • Developing job and worksite modifications and pre-job accommodations;
  • Performing occupational research;
  • Conducting labor market surveys; and
  • Developing, documenting and writing vocational rehabilitation training plans and monitoring the injured worker’s progress during training.

Vocational Counseling referrals include the following types of services:

  • Early Intervention: Helping the industrial injured/ill worker return to work or continue working with the employer of injury or current employer. This can include return to work at the job of injury or an alternate/lighter duty position.
  • Ability to Work Assessment: Determining industrial injured/ill worker physical capacities, development of job analyses, and determining ability to work at the job of injury or other transferable skills positions through labor market surveys, and if they are not able to perform this work determining if they will benefit from further vocational services through vocational testing.
  • Plan Development: vocational counseling and occupational exploration to identify a job goal and training needs and resources to assist the industrial injured/ill worker obtain the skills commonly and currently necessary to return to the labor market with a medical release to perform an identified job goal.
  • Plan Implementation: implementation and monitoring of the chosen and approved job goal to assist the industrially injured/ill worker to successfully meet the vocational rehabilitation plan.
  • Forensic: independent and objective evaluation of vocational rehabilitation components on a complex claim. Only assigned when prior vocational services have not resolved an industrially injured/ill worker’s vocational issues. This service is required to define what additional services are necessary and likely to enable the injured worker to become employable.
  • Stand Alone Job Analysis: analyze requirements and characteristics of a specific job.

As an employer or employer representative, industrially injured/ill worker or their legal representative, attending provider you can request vocational counseling assistance with any workers’ compensation claim. To do this, you contact the Claim Manager.