Precisionary Inc

Precisionary Inc

Hi.  I'm Lisa Skinner, the owner and operator of Precisionary Inc. (Firm Provider #296125)

I've been operating this business since 2012.

In high school I was hired by Alcoa to perform administrative assistance in the safety department. That got me interested in understanding further the environmental and safety field. After graduating high school I attended Central Washington University and got a bachelor's degree in safety and health management.

Upon graduation in 2001 I was hired as a safety and health compliance officer for the Washington State Department of L&I and transferred into the consultation program where I was able to help employers identify and correct hazards.

In 2006 I accepted a position to provide emergency management and safety for the Edmonds school district. This provided an opportunity to work with the 36 schools and local emergency responders.

In 2012 I decided to take a different turn and became a vocational counseling intern and passed the CDMS examination the same year. I learned how to assist injured workers and their employers in dealing with worker's compensation claims.

I grew up in Wenatchee. I moved to Western Washington in 2001.

Personally I like to spend time with my husband and grandchildren, go to the beach with my dogs, and crafts.